Seum Dwa!!
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I keep getting confused and posting updates on my edit acc and reblogging dbsk on this acc.

I don’t even realize it sometimes OTL

If I ever do that feel free to yell at me 

Cr. linkchun

cr: 双鱼座的珊珊


unfollowing starts now


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Anonymous Asked:Cherish has a 24-hour rule. They stated in their forum that their pictures aren't supposed to be taken out within 24 hours of posting. :)

Didn’t know about that.


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Anonymous Asked:does Siwon look thinner to you? he looks thinner to me compared to before

That was the only thought running through my head last night when pics of him were coming up on my dash. He looks a /lot/ leaner and I’m not sure if it’s due to stress (jeez the man got 3 hours of sleep last night) or just because he’s changed up his diet/w.e. Maybe it’s because of his whole excersise routine? Lol. I mean, Teuk did say “Strength MaSi who has finished his schedule from Taiwan and did no other than exercise..”. But who knows… Sometimes that happens after a comeback… Idols either gain weight or lose it because they don’t have to be so uptight about their eating habits. I dk what it is but he seems happy and healthy so I’m not worrying too much.

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there’s never any SJ on it so I never have anything to reblog

probably because i follow over 600 people… (only 150 of which being elf)


i think i need to go on an unfollowing spree and unfollow anyone that doesnt post sj

ill probably follow you on my other blog if you’re an editor

sorry guysssssss but it’s so chaotic on here i cant deal with it